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Version 1.4.10

A little while back version 1.4.10 was released - the first for some time. This release fixed a good number of smaller problems that have been found and is a recommended upgrade for anyone using earlier versions. The "download [1.4]" link to the left will show a page for suitable package downloads.

The sources for as a subversion repository are also available at the projects Google code page - click here.

Posted 25/03/2011
Version 1.4.8

Although this web page has not been updated in a little while development of and it's successor - TrueCL - is continuing. The latest version of adds supports for raw logical volumes. This is particularly useful since it also allows a new feature to be fully used - virtual machine live migration. This allows an application in the cluster which is a virtual machine to be moved between machines without having to stop/start the application.

Posted 17/11/2009

Version 1.4.4 Available
Version 1.4.4 is another minor upgrate to bring about support for DRBD 8.2.6. Again this is for 2.6 based kernels only.

Posted 28/08/2008

Versions 1.2.9 and 1.4.2 Available
Again two releases of - 1.2.9 using DRBD 0.7.25 to run on Linux 2.4 and 2.6 based kernels, whilst 1.4.2 uses DRBD 8.2.4 to run on Linux 2.6 based kernels only. Both have been through some significant testing resulting in many small improvements and bug fixes; the release notes for each contain the necessary details.

Posted 16/04/2008

Versions 1.2.7 and 1.4.0 Now Available
Not one but two new versions of have just been posted! 1.2.7 is a minor bug fix release whilst 1.4.0 offers identical functionality but is built on DRBD 8.2.1 rather then DRBD 0.7.23. If you wish to upgrade to the newer version of DRBD you now can! A document describing the update process from 1.2.x to 1.4.x of is available on the resources page.

Posted 20/12/2007

Version 1.2.6 Released
Several minor improvements and bug fixes have now finally passed necessary testing and so have been released as version 1.2.6. Users are encouraged to upgrade after reading the release notes from the resources page.

Posted 12/05/2007

Version 1.2.5 Passes Initial RHEL 5 Testing
Initial testing and deployment of version 1.2.5 has been successful on RHEL5 and Clones. The full test suite and results will be performed [and posted] in the next few weeks.

Posted 19/04/2007

Version 1.2.5 Available
This minor release includes several minor fixes, but more importantly removes on of the only restrictions on dynamic application reconfiguration - the netmask settings can now be changed for an application even if the application is running.

The latest 0.7.23 of DRBD is also bundled in this release. DRBD version 8.x is not supported as yet, though much of the ground work for support of this version has also been included in 1.2.5.
Posted 28/02/2007

Version 1.2.4 Available
Another release in the 1.2.x series introduces some useful features for administrators with clustered applications requiring complex IP configurations, including support for multiple network classes hosts on the same network cards and more flexible netmask configuration.

A few minor bugs were also found and fixed - see the change log on the development site, or the release notes on the resources page for more details.

Posted 21/12/2006

Updated Step-by-Step Guides
The Resources page [link to the left] has tweaked versions of the step-by-step guides for clustering common applications. Also added at this time is information on clustering the 'Bind' DNS Server.

Posted 25/10/2006

Version 1.2.3 Available - and more Application Clustering Guides
Version 1.2.3 of should now be available via the download link to the left. It features an updated DRBD version and some minor updates. More importantly more guides to clustering well known applications such as Mysql, Samba and Apache are also available via the Resources link. Other applications should hopefully follow shortly.

Posted 07/09/2006

Oracle 10g Clustering Guide Available
Although Mysql and PostgreSQL may be preferred by many Oracle is a database that many large organizations rely on. proves its flexibility by allowing this database to be configured in a classic fail-over configuration. For more information see the "Resources" link to the left.

Posted 31/07/2006

1.2.1 Now Available
This is a minor update to coincide with the release of the "step-by-step" guide for 1.2 versions. It includes fixes for two minor bugs and a raft of manual page updates.

Posted 28/06/2006

1.2.0 Now Out!
The first major upgrade to since version 1.0.0 was launched is now considered production ready.  This release is an evolution of the 1.0.x series and offers many benefits, whilst ensuring the migration from 1.0.x is as painless as possible. Key benefits of 1.2.0 include:

  • Improved architecture - more resilient to network failure and more responsive in dealing with them
  • Simplified algorithms - several internal algorithms, including cluster formation, have been simplified - resulting in improved performance.
  • Easier application management - the process of adding or changing applications has been greatly simplified.
  • Dynamic IP management - application IP changes can be changed whilst the application is running.
  • Reduction in fail-over times

Added to this a migration document describing the upgrade process is available via the 'Resources' link - and this upgrade is on line - no downtime is required.

Posted 06/06/2006
1.0.11 Released
Version 1.0.11 is now available. This version contains several bug fixes that were identified as part of the testing for the up coming 1.2.0 release. When applicable bug fixes were then back-ported to the 1.0.x series. Although not major problems were identified the fixes continue to improve the stability of
Posted 22/05/2006

1.0.10 Released & More Resources!
Version 1.0.10 of has now been released. This is a very minor - but important - update. It includes the latest version of DRBD to ensure it works on the very latest kernels. This build has been tested successfully on Fedora Core 5 for example.

Also the "Resources" page has been improved with more documentation - including Fedora Core 5 specific installation notes. More documentation is due on this page shortly - and some of the older documents will be updated to reflect the very latest changes as soon as time allows!
Posted 30/04/2006

1.0.8 and 1.1.03 Released
Versions 1.0.8 and 1.1.03 have been released simultaneously. The changes to each are almost identical in terms of functionality, if not execution. This release has several IP fail-over improvements over previous releases. The 1.1.03 release also introduces a mechanism for checking on lems daemon functionality and both versions provide more resilience to problems in Lems modules. The usual release notes can be found here...
Posted 11/03/2006

1.1.02 Released
The 2nd Beta release of what will become 1.2.x has been released. It extends the changes introduced with the first Beta and improves stability further. One often requested feature has also been added - support for network throughput statistics, for example:

 Network status for slack10s1

    Network   Status  Link Check?   Interface  Monitor?     R Kb/S     W Kb/S
       drbd    alive          yes        eth2       yes      139.9     3361.0
       prod    alive          yes        eth0       yes        0.7        0.8
Posted 20/02/2006

1.0.7 Released
This releases represents the most stable release as yet. It fixes several problems and users are encouraged to upgrade their clusters when appropriate. Users are invited to read the releases notes first of course...
Posted 07/02/2006

1.1.01 Released
The first Beta release of the 1.1 series of is now available for download. The pages have been altered to provide suitable links both both 1.0.x series - known as "production" and "1.1.x" known as development.

This early Beta still has some rough edges and a conversion document describing the process of migrating from a 1.0.x cluster to 1.1.x clusters will appear here in the next few days.
Posted 31/01/2006

Two new releases soon! development is continuing at a good pace. In the next week or so two new releases are expected:

1.0.7 - the stable release - several minor changes, no functionality changes.
1.1.01 - the first of the releases containing significant architecture changes.

1.1.01 attempts to evolve to ensure it maintains the simplicity of the solution, whilst improving performance, responsiveness and error recovery handling. This version involves a separate heart-beat daemon and many cluster formation and node-failure improvements - and yet the core cluster daemon contains 10% less code.

Also development on the code base that will become version 2 is continuing. The architecture will be very different from 1.x.y releases - though again the key driver will be to ensure flexibility, performance and features do not impair simplicity, ease of use and stability.
Posted 23/01/2006

New Web Page Takes Shape
As the software evolves no real attempt has been previously made to ensure users and potential users are quickly able to navigate the site to reach the information they need. This is now beginning to change.

Over the next few days and weeks significantly more information, including howto's and support forums will come on line to help answer any queries administrators using the tool set may have.
Posted 22/01/2006

Last updated: 25/03/2011