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Skulker 2 is a log and temporary file management tool for UNIX environments. It provides a large number of ways of ensuring logs and temporary files are automatically handled in a way suitable for your installation. It is more than just a "logrotate" replacement - it offers the following features:

  • Flexible - Files can be deleted, compressed, rotated, truncated, re-organised, or even placed into archives. Special handling is available for mail files also.
  • Well documented - Installation, configuration and administration guides are available [see the links to the right].
  • Powerful - the rules make full use of Perl regular expressions, allow recursive matching, pattern matching at the directory level, maximum match counts, ordering of files to action, etc. Latest version also includes "generators" support for matching files based on condition [such as older than last reboot, or having no valid user ID].
  • Cross platform - It is written in Perl and is regularly used on Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. It comes pre-configured with a suitable set of rules for those platforms.
  • XML based - The configuration and rules files [indicating how files are managed] are simple XML - allowing for easy alteration.
  • In-built reporting - Text and HTML reporting options covering the previous run, totals for all runs and even historical graphing are available.
  • Extensible - Adding new rules, or changing the supplied ones if very straightforward. Two examples of application-specific extensions for dealing with log files in a very specific manner are also supplied.
  • Mature - Skulker 2 has been in production use for nearly 3 years despite the low version number, managing many TB of disk space over that period.
  • Protected Directory Support - Stops badly written rules accidently damaging or removing critical files from the system.

Install Guide

Configuration Guide

Administraters Guide

Rule Configuration Guide

Last Updated: 17/11/2009