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Twisted Packager II is a package manager that aims to make live easy - for end users and also developers. In some respects it is similar to Autopackage - it does not intend to replace the "system packaging tool" but instead will sit alongside it to allow application developers an easy way to package software; and system administrators an easy way to install [or remove!] such software.

TP2 excels at handling generic software - and allows a "source" type package [such as itself!] to be installed across multiple architectures and operating systems using the same package.

TP2 is cross-platform; it is currently in use on Solaris, Linux and HP-UX. Soon the intention is validate it also for BSD and AIX.

TP2 is flexible. It supports dependency management, package verification, preview installation and removal, and audit logs all activity. It also supports software bundling to allow groups of related packages to be easily installed.

TP2 is powerful. It supports "namespaces" which allows the same packages to be installed into different areas on the same machine. Non-root users can be given areas which they can manage independently.

TP2 is robust. It supports atomic package installation; for example failed packages can be cleaned to revert to a clean state. It can even optionally automatically grow file systems to ensure large package installations do not run out of disk space.

TP2 is secure. It can make use of DSA-signed packages with different sets of allowed package signers to be defined for each namespace.

Page last Updated: 17/11/2009